Catering Menu

Fredericton’s favourite Deli has been serving Frederictonians for over 30 years.

It has changed hands a few times and has moved locations on three occasions, yet with all the changes M&T Deli has been through, we still offer the same fast and friendly service that we have always been known for.

Good Morning

Wake up Platter

This platter includes something for everyone:  muffins, cinnamon rolls, and pastries.
Small serves 10 ppl … $26.50
Medium serves 15 ppl … $39.50
Large serves 20 ppl … $50.50

Friendly Catering 300x225 Catering Menu

Yes, we do catering!

Morning Muffins

Assorted muffins and/or cinnamon rolls … $1.85 ea.
Small serves 10 ppl … $18.50
Medium serves 15 ppl … $27.75
Large serves 20 ppl … $37.00

Continental Breakfast

For the healthy eaters, we have added yogurt, juice, and fresh fruit to the Wake Up Platter.
Small serves 10 ppl … $55.00
Medium serves 15 ppl … $80.00
Large serves 20 ppl … $105.00

Lunch Trays

Lunch trays are served with carrot sticks and dill pickles. Add Covered Bridge kettle chips … $1.40/person.

Traditional Sandwich Tray

Assorted sandwiches on thick sliced whole wheat and white bread overstuffed with chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, roast beef and cheddar, and ham and swiss. … $5/person.

Deluxe Sandwich Tray

Make it a deluxe luncheon with artisan breads and gourmet rolls. Stuffed with Montréal smoked meat, tender chicken breast, roast beef, ham, cheese, and make it zing with cranberry mayo, dill mayo, and Dijon mustard. … $6/person.

Tray O’ Gourmet Wraps

Please your guests with M&T Deli’s gourmet wraps. Made on whole wheat tortillas, we provide a selection of all our favourites. … $6/person.

Combo Catering

Soup / Sandwich Combo

An office favourite! Hot soup served with our traditional sandwich tray, includes cold beverages. … $10/person.

Working Lunch Combo

Take the Soup or Sandwich Combo, add some of our homemade sweets, and cold beverages. … $12/person.

V.I.P. Lunch Combo

Fresh fruit and veggies, the Deluxe Sandwich Tray, and homemade sweets, with cold beverages for everyone. … $14/person.

Hot Meals

Chips 300x225 Catering Menu

Covered Bridge Kettle Chips


Derek’s homemade meat lasagna served with caesar salad and rolls.
Small (6 ppl) … $65
Large (15 ppl)  … $165

Shepherd’s Pie

Potatoes, corn and spiced beef layered for the Deli’s signature pie. This dish comes with garden salad and house dressing.
Small (6 ppl) … $65
Large (15 ppl) … $165


An assortment of quiches! Ham and swiss, bacon cheddar, and vegetarian. Served with garden salad and house dressing. … $9/person.

Moroccan Chicken

Marinated chicken breast served with rice pilaf, sweet curry dipping sauce, and Naan bread. … $14/person.

BBQ Roasted Chicken

Oven roasted BBQ chicken breast with rice pilaf and a garden salad. … $14/person.

Assorted Trays

Veggie Trays

Assorted fresh cut veggies with dipping sauce.
Small serves 10 ppl … $22.50
Medium serves 15 ppl … $31.50
Large serves 20 ppl … $39.50

Fruit Trays

Assorted fresh cut fruit and melons with our very own signature dipping sauce.
Small serves 10 ppl … $27.50
Medium serves 15 ppl … $38.50
Large serves 20 ppl … $49.50

Sweets Trays

Assorted homemade 2-bite squares, cookies, tarts.
Small serves 10 ppl … $22.50
Medium serves 15 ppl … $28.50
Large serves 20 ppl … $35.50

Cookie Tray

An assortment of M&T Deli’s famous homemade “big as your head” cookies. (Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin and Buttercrisp)  Per Person … $ 1.75

Four Bottles 300x215 Catering Menu

Who can resist Pop Shoppe sodas?


Fair Trade Coffee Urn for 10 ppl … $19.95
Brewed Tea for 10 ppl … $14.95
Brewed Tea for 5 ppl … $8.95
Canned Pop … $1.45
Bottled Pop … $2.25
Canned Juice … $2.00
Bottled Juice … $2.50
Bottled Dasani Water … $2.10

Bowl of Soup … $3.95
Side Salad … $3.95
Covered Bridge Kettle Chips … $1.40
Muffin or Cinnamon Roll … $1.85
Individual Squares … $2.25

Custom catering also available!
Phone Derek and he can help make a menu customized to your group size and budget.